Contests and Giveaways on Talkomi


Our community is the bread and butter of our products. Without them, Talkomi Inc. does not exist in the first place. So we always wanna give back to the community. That's why we are now launching exclusive contests and giveaways to bring joy to our community and to boost up the fun. Check this page out for frequent contests and giveaways that gonna take place on Talkomi Inc.

current contests & giveaways

No current giveaways or contests, login to your talkomi account to get updates about upcoming giveaways & contests

how to enter ?

1. Login to your talkomi account from or download the app from here
2. Create your short video story from your favourite food place
3. Check the competition page for the #hashtag you need to add to your story
4. Follow our social media pages on twitter, facebook & instagram to find out the foodie competition winner

upcoming giveaways


Playstation 5 Giveaway #ps5 to play your favourite exclusive titles like Last of Us, God of War and much more
Xbox Move

Play your favourite video games with all the teraflops you need with the latest #xbox_series_x

Netflix Premium 1 Year Credits to watch all your favourite shows with your friends & family
Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime 1 Year Credits for watching your favourite shows in gorgeous 4k resolutions
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